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The Kalashnikov SR1 semi-automatic rifle chambered for the 223 Remington is to date the only rifle developed specifically for IPSC practical shooting competitions.

Featuring a balanced recoil system, the balanced recoil system means the rifle includes two gas pistons, penetrating a single gas block above the barrel from opposite directions.

The rear gas piston is attached to the rear of the frame. The front gas piston, moves opposite the rear one, is attached to a sliding counterweight, located above the cylinder head assembly.

The two counterweights are synchronized by a pair of rotating gears, so that every backward and forward unloading motion of the group is balanced by a countermoving mass attached to the front gas piston, effectively canceling out pulses generated by moving parts. As a result, the rifle generates less recoil and is much easier to hold on target when firing quickly. The concept was developed in the experimental rifles produced by AL-7 and AKB-1 Izhevsk, and then released in series as the SR-1 sport rifle.

Revolutionary moving mass system to cancel recoil of the weapon!

The Kalashnikov SR-1 incorporates a mechanism powered by the borrowing of gases which activates weights to compensate for the recoil of the weapon which remains hyper stable and controllable when fired!

  • Telescopic polymer stock with raised stock axis.
  • Cocking lever, Safety, magazine release and ambidextrous breech stopper.
  • Cylinder head cover with integrated picatinny rail
  • Compatible with STANAG standard AR15 charger
  • Double gas pistons and counterweight absorbing the recoil of the weapon
  • Polymer stock adjustable in length (FAB DEFENSE)
  • Raised butt axis
  • Ergonomic pistol grip compatible with AK standard (FAB DEFENSE)
  • Ambidextrous safety
  • Ambidextrous magazine push button
  • Automatic breech stop / ambidextrous lever
  • Ambidextrous cocking lever
  • Cylinder head cover with integrated picatinny rail
  • AR15 standard compatible charger well
  • Double gas pistons
  • Counter weight reducing the recoil of the weapon
  • Polymer front with integrated picatinny
  • Chrome chamber and barrel
  • Removable muzzle brake
  • No barrel scratch: 1:10 ” RH

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