Cybergun FN FNS-9


De aankoop van airsoft wapens is enkel mogelijk in onze winkel op basis van de identiteitskaart (18+).

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Additionally, the well thought out design of the FNS-9 results in a stable, highly ergonomic and ambidextrous pistol that is easy to operate. The pre-loaded striker mechanism of the pistol means that energy has been pre-loaded partially. This ensures a short and light trigger pull identical for all shots allowing fast and accurate shooting. It features a low bore axis providing minimized perceived recoil and reducing muzzle rise for a perfect weapon controllability. The FNS also features a newly designed three-dot combat sights with deep rear sight notch which improved significantly the accuracy.


This pistol comes standard with a large number of ergonomic features such as ultra nonslip checkered grips, front serrations for easy press check, three interchangeable backstrap inserts quickly adapt to the pistol to the shooter’s hand size.




Cybergun FN FNS-9 Gas Pistol, Metal, Black
Magazine 22 rd
Length 180 mm
Weight 660 g
Velocity (0,20g) 95 m/s

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