Feinwerkbau 800 X individual

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FWB 800 X Individual is available in any of 13 CUSTOM colors (Yellow, Lemon, Light-Orange, Dark-Orange, Red, Light-Violet, Dark-Violet, Light-Blue, Dark-Blue, Green, Champaign, Titan or Brown)


Attract immediate attention on every shooting range!


The new model range 800 from Feinwerkbau sets new standard insofar as quality, functionality, design and shooting performance of air rifles concerned.

An innovative principle of the pressure reducer with an optimized control action cares for an even more stable outgoing of the shots. By using high-precision trigger components and an improved escapement, model 800 shows an extremely short development time for the shots.

The rear stock can be put crosswise twice and is adjustable in height and dividable and this without interference of the preset sight line. Conversion of the stock from right to left possible without complexity.

The cheek piece disposes of two edges radiuses (square and round) and can be rotated by 180° enabling the shooter to determine his most favorable aiming position. The cheekpiece is also adjustable in height, shift able and pivoted. Cocking lever of this model is in basic position free adjustable by 360° and can be pivoted to the inside and outside.

The shapely design of the FWB 800 X Individual impresses visually with the typical distinctive Feinwerkbau lines. The revolutionary front stock cares for an obviously innovative looking and cares in addition for an optimal damping characteristic of the system in the aluminum stock.


  • Interior absorber
  • 20 click match rear sight : 4×4 Vario-Sight is adjustable 40.4 – 60mm (measured from the barrel’s center) and can be adjusted to 5 different heights.
  • 22mm front sight is a laterally adjustable globe that accepts 22mm aperture inserts
  • Includes one removable compressed air cylinder with manometer
  • Includes 200 BAR filling adaptor & discharge screw
  • Accessory rail embedded in fore-end stock for handstop & other accessories
  • Completely adjustable cheekpiece
  • Dry fire mode meets ISSF requirements
  • Two-way adjustable stock
  • Compressed Air 200 BAR system
  • Aluminum adjustable butt plate
  • Completely adjustable grip
  • Adjustable sighting radius
  • Adjustable height riser mounts
  • Height adjustable handrest
  • Includes hard plastic rifle transport case with combination lock

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