HERA H3L Pro 10 Schots magazijn


The Hera H3L PRO magazine is a civilian 10-round magazine for use in AR15/ M4 series semi-automatic firearms and can be used as an H1 or H3L magazine. It is specially manufactured without a limiter and can therefore neither be dismantled nor converted into a 30-round magazine. It can be dismantled, is easy to clean and allows legal training with the feel of a 30-round magazine.

A highlight of the H3L PRO is the cavity provided in the magazine base, which allows the insertion of commercially available feather keys (DIN 6885 Form A) for optimal adjustment of the weight to the personal requirements of the shooter and the weapon. Overall, the weight of the H3L PRO can be increased by up to 308 grams (44 grams per key) to offer the shooter the most realistic training possible while using a legally compliant magazine.

The H3L PRO is not only ideal for training without ammunition at home, but also for competitions in the dynamic (IPSC, Steel, etc.) and static area. The high degree of standardization also allows the use of commercially available magazine couplers and magazine pouches.

Available in standard Black, Tan and OD Green colors.

All HERA polymer products are made on our own injection molds in Lower Franconia

Categorie: Product ID: 3268


  • WEIGHT: 167,0 g
  • COLOURS: black, tan, od
  • PLATFORM: AR15 – M4

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