RWS .223 T-Mantel 55gr Soft Point

Enkel verkrijgbaar mits het kunnen voorleggen van een geldig model 4 of model 9 van het betrokken kaliber. Contacteer ons voor meer info en prijzen.

Categorie: Product ID: 4100


With a fast deformation capability on light and heavy game, the T-Mantel soft point bullet allows a high energy transfer to the target body. Loaded to tight tolerances in Germany, the RWS brand of bullets has built a solid reputation for reliability, usability and accuracy at a reasonable price.

Box Size – 20 rds

Bullet Weight – 55gr

Bullet Type – T-Mantel Soft Point (Expanding)

Use – Hunting

Muzzle Velocity (fps) – 3245

Muzzle Energy (ft.lbs) – 1286

Velocity 100yds (fps) – 2774

Energy 100yds (ft.lbs) – 940

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