RWS Special Match .22LR

Enkel verkrijgbaar mits het kunnen voorleggen van een geldig model 4 of model 9 van het betrokken kaliber. Contacteer ons voor meer info en prijzen.

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The RWS special match stands out due to high performance rim-fire cartridges for competition and training. It is easy to recognise by the yellow package. Reliability and precision are the result of the optimised interaction of all the components used. From the bullet, the selected powder to the highly accurate load.

RWS special match rim-fire cartridges stand out due to their excellent price and performance ratio, therefore easing the training budget. The special match cartridges are excellent quality and are similar to the R 50. The cartridges optimises your hit ratio in training and competition.  The special match cartridges is especially suited for the whole range of small-calibre rifles as well as free pistols, sport and standard pistols.

RWS special match specification

  • .22 calibre long rifle
  • Lead bullet
  • Bullet weighs 2.6 g
  • V0 330 m/s (barrel length: 65 cm)
  • Velocity muzzle: 330 (m/sec) / 1083 (ft/sec)
  • Velocity at 50 m is 294 (m/sec) / 965 (ft/sec)
  • Velocity at 100 m is 271 (m/sec) / 889 (ft/sec)
  • Energy muzzle is 142 J / 105 (
  • Energy at 50 m is 113 J / 83 (
  • Energy at 100 m is 95 J / 70 (

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