Sabatti Tactical Evo US 22″ .308 win (incl. vlammendemper)

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Sabatti Tactical EVO US: the PRS competition rifle

The Sabatti Tactical EVO US is a shorter, lighter variant of the Tactical EVO bolt-action rifle, specifically conceived for PRS (Precision Rifle Series) shooting competitions.

The steel action, with three bolt locking lugs and a fast 60-degrees bolt throw, was designed specifically for all those uses that require resistance, long service life, and accuracy.

The Sabatti Tactical EVO US mounts one of the best actions currently available on the global bolt-action rifles market. The cocking bolt knob is interchangeable, and the surface finish on the action and the bolt ensures a peerlessly silent and smooth operation.

The heavy competition-oriented barrel boasts Sabatti own MRR multi-radial rifling pattern, whose excellent performances are highly regarded by experts worldwide. A 5/8” thread at the muzzle – covered by a removable thread protector – allows the use of a vast choice of muzzle devices.

The synthetic stock is manufactured out of a lighter polymer than the one used for the stock of the baseline Sabatti Tactical EVO rifle, and comes with QD sling swivel cups; the two stocks however share the same outer finish, offering a secure and firm grip and a high level of resistance to wear. The cheek riser is adjustable.

The action of the Sabatti Tactical EVO US is coupled to the stock in a completely innovative manner – it’s left “suspended” to float over the stock by two supports that all but eliminate all coupling tension and drastically improve shooting accuracy.



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