Tinck Arms Perun X-17 .308 Win

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De verkoop van vergunningsplichtige wapens, onderdelen en munitie kan enkel na het voorleggen van de geldige documenten; identiteitskaart (18+), geldige vergunning model 4 of 9, geldige sportschutterslicentie, jachtverlof of aanstelling bijzondere wachter.

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  • Lenght: 605mm – 1040mm 
  • Barrel length: 12,5” – 18”
  • Width: 64 mm
  • Cartridge: 7,62 x 51 (.308 Win), 6,5 Creedmoor
  • Hoogte: 210 mm
  • Gewicht: 3,7 kg

The semi-automatic Perun X17 is a new platform to meet the future needs of sports, police and military around the world. It was developed with the aim of improving the already established AR10 platform system. The patented operating system is characterized by reliability and ease of maintenance. It is mainly characterized by good balance, handling and very smooth shooting, which enables greater accuracy when shooting quickly. The Perun X17 also features extremely high modularity and compatibility with parts developed for the AR10 platform.

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